Magnetic Bearings Put the Spin on This Flywheel Battery


[Tom Stanton] is correct about one factor: flywheels make superb playthings. Whether or not observing a spinning best that by no means turns out to decelerate, or feeling the unusual forces a gyroscope exerts, spinning issues are oddly pleasant. And hanging a flywheel to paintings as a battery makes it even cooler.

In fact, the use of a flywheel to retailer power isn’t even with regards to being a brand new idea. However the rules (*13*) demonstrates within the video beneath, together with the benefits of magnetically levitated bearings, are lovely cool to look all in one position. The flywheel itself is only a heavy aluminum disc on a shaft, with a couple of bearings on every facet product of stacks of neodymium magnets. An extra low-friction thrust bearing on the finish of the shaft assists in keeping the techniques suitably constrained, and lets in the flywheel to spin for twelve mins or extra.

(*13*)’s subsequent step used to be to harness one of the crucial flywheel’s angular momentum to make electrical energy. He constructed a couple of rotors sporting extra magnets, with a stator of custom-wound coils sandwiched between. A full-wave bridge rectifier and a capacitor entire the circuit and make allowance the flywheel to energy a host of LEDs or perhaps a small motor. The entire thing is effectively constructed and seems like a amusing table toy.

That is some distance from (*13*)’s first flywheel rodeo; his final foray into storing mechanical power wasn’t extraordinarily a success, however he has succeeded in making flywheels fly, (*3*)one method or every other.

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