Amazon Prime Video Credit – Amazon

Amazon is giving its customers a $5 credit to Prime Video everyday, throughout the rest of the year. Now there is a catch here, there’s a limit number of credits being given out each day. So if you get a message that says “All $5 Prime Video credits have been claimed for today” you’ll want to try again tomorrow.

A fresh batch of Prime Video credits will be going live everyday. While we don’t know when exactly the new credits will go live, it’s likely to happen around Midnight PT each day. Customers are also limited to getting one of these $5 credits per account. So you can’t stack these and get a ton of free movies or TV Shows from Amazon, unfortunately.

These credits will go live everyday until December 23, 2023, and you have until January 30, 2024 to use your credit, or it will go away. So make sure to make that Prime Video purchase before then.

This is a good way to get a free movie to watch this holiday season. You know when the kids are home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas break over the next two months. This is all part of a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Amazon. So you can thank both of them for this free credit.

Amazon Prime Video Credit – Amazon

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