Making Customized Curved Mirrors at House

Normally talking, developing customized mirrors is a posh job that comes to a large number of cautious grinding, and isn’t one thing to be taken calmly if you want precision effects. Simply ask the oldsters who equipped NASA with a wonky reflect for the Hubble. However assuming you’re no longer running on an orbital area telescope (or perhaps a floor primarily based one, for that topic), [volzo] has not too long ago documented some tactics for generating unmarried and double curved mirrors of affordable high quality the usage of not unusual workshop equipment.

(*3*)(*1*)Step one is discovering one thing that’s somewhat more straightforward to paintings with than glass. After trying out quite a lot of reflective fabrics corresponding to PVC foil and painted PETG sheets by means of evaluating the reflections of projected take a look at patterns, [volzo] discovered that laminated polystyrene gave probably the most correct effects. For those who simply wish to make a easy bent reflect, he presentations how you’ll be able to pop one of those sheets on a CNC router, make the suitable cuts, and fold them into form.

That phase may appear somewhat glaring, however what a few extra advanced form? Right here, [volzo] issues to how the skinny sheets of polystyrene additionally lend themselves to hoover forming. As demonstrated within the video beneath, all it takes is a 3-d published plug and a few fundamental apparatus to unexpectedly produce mirrors in arbitrary shapes.

Now clearly the optical homes of such mirrors will go away one thing to be desired, however relying for your application, that is probably not this kind of large deal. As examples [volzo] presentations off a couple of tasks the usage of those customized mirrors, corresponding to a tabletop digital camera that captures either side of the desk concurrently and a round projector. Laminated polystyrene may doubtlessly also be used to create cheap variable mirrors.

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