Mapped Community Power Disconnects and Will Now not Reconnect


Unimaginable to take away a power community force mapping when logged on disconnected

Preliminary scenario (examined with Home windows 10, 8.1, 7 and XP):(*7*)(*8*)

    (*10*)Create a power (!) community force mapping (a.ok.a. “Reconnect at logon”) the usage of the built-in/reliable “Map Community Power” conversation .

    (*10*)Now bodily disconnect from the community folder (unplug the cable or close down the objective machine)

    (*10*)Log on and off once more. A balloon message will inform “May just no longer reconnect all community drives”, however the force will nonetheless be visual within the Explorer (with a crimson move). The balloon message is the most productive indication that you’ve got reproduced the stairs as it should be.(*7*)

(*7*)At this level I would like to take away that community force the usage of my tool.

There are a couple of tactics to try this.(*8*)

– Almost certainly one of the simplest ways to breed it’s by means of command line: internet use X: /delete(*8*)

– API: WNetCancelConnection2 or WNetDisconnectDialog1(*8*)

– Disconnect conversation: Explorer primary menu > Gear > Disconnect community force (7/XP) or the submenu “Disconnect community force” (10/8.1) whilst no force is chosen when the press is carried out(*8*)

and a few others.(*8*)

They all lead to the issue that the force letter icon stays within the Explorer even if the community force has been disconnected.(*8*)

Some main points that point out that this can be a worm and no longer characteristic:(*8*)

– Even if the force letter icon is proven within the Explorer it is not visual in every other tool and no longer out there thru Home windows API(*8*)

– The force letter can be utilized for a brand new community force connection. If executed so, the brand new trail is mapped to it, however the outdated title/trail stays within the Explorer.(*8*)

– The force letter can be utilized to be assigned to a neighborhood force within the Disk Control conversation. As an example after converting the force letter of a DVD force to the disconnected community force letter the force remains to be proven as a community force within the Explorer(*7*)however results in the content material of the DVD force.(*8*)

To resolve this drawback at this level the person has both to log on and off once more or kill explorer.exe and run it once more. This displays that it is some roughly orphaned force in some interior Explorer cache or object listing that isn’t got rid of as it should be.(*8*)

There’s one manner to take away the force as it should be within the first position:(*8*)

Proper-click at the force and make a selection “Disconnect”. This works flawlessly! The community force is disconnected and instantly got rid of. Understand: this best works if executed within the first position. If the force has already been disconnected the usage of one of the opposite strategies,(*7*)this selection will best display “This community connection does no longer exist.”(*8*)

I have mentioned this drawback with many professionals already and there does not appear to be a workaround for this. Nowadays if you wish to programmatically disconnect a power community force that wasn’t to be had all through logon you can finally end up with an orphaned(*7*)force.(*8*)

This is applicable to all Home windows variations from XP to 10, x64 and x86. (older variations no longer examined)(*8*)

Is there any probability this may well be solved by means of patching Home windows? (*8*)