The Chrome New Tab page is now getting some Material You design upgrades with a new update. These changes step up the entire interface of this page and even remove some elements that were previously on display. Some Dynamic Color changes to the app help it stand out from the version that is currently available for most users.

One of the most notable changes here affects an element of the page design that most people use frequently. This element is none other than the search bar on the Chrome New Tab page, and it follows similar upgrades on other Google apps. On the New Tab page, the search bar is now thicker than it is on the current version of the app that is widely in use.

Google has also effected this change on a number of its apps with previous upgrades. Text within the search bar also now uses Dynamic Color which helps match the app’s overall theme. Well, this is just one of the design changes that is now rolling out to Chrome’s New Tab page.

All design changes that are coming to the Chrome New Tab page

Aside from the change to the search bar on the New Tab, there are other design upgrades users can notice. Once the update bringing these changes arrives on your device you’ll be able to pinpoint most of these design changes. Google did a good job improving the design of this page and making it a bit more functional for users.

Starting from the top left-hand side of the New Tab page interface, users will notice that the home button is missing. This was previously available but didn’t function since the new tab page is also the Google Chrome home page. So tapping on this button previously will take you no whereas it just occupied space for no reason.

Moving down the interface, users will also notice that the ‘Google’ icon is now smaller with the redesign. This leaves more space for other design improvements that are now available on the new tab page. The frequently visited websites grid section just under the search bar also gets an important upgrade.

Google now adds a rounded card behind the 4×2 grid to separate it from other elements on the page. Under this, the ‘Discover’ and ‘Following’ toggle buttons get an upgrade as well. The buttons are now larger and feature a more square-ish design.

These are the design changes that are now rolling out to the Chrome New Tab page. Some of these changes are functional, while others just aim to improve the overall look of the interface. Users are getting this update currently, but some users will get it before others.

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