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Meta Quest Move adds support for Health Connect syncing on Android

Meta today announced Quest Move support for Google’s Health Connect so that “Android users [can] get credit for their VR workouts without having to manually input the minutes they exercised.”

Meta Quest Move is the app on VR headsets that keeps track of burned calories, activity duration (minutes), and other goals. You first have to set that up in virtual reality by enabling the “Connect Move to Meta Quest Mobile App” setting.

Afterward, go to the mobile companion app, navigate to Explore, and open Move stats to find Health Connect in the Connected Apps tab. Click the toggle and agree to sync “Active calories burned” and “Exercise.”

Meta introduced similar Apple Health support in June of 2022. Health Connected entered beta in November with support from Google Fit, Fitbit, Flo, Lifesum, Samsung Health, Oura (smart ring), Peloton, MyFitnessPal, WW (Weight Watchers), Dexcom (glucose monitoring), and Tonal. Data from those VR headsets will be labeled “Meta Quest.”

Fitness is an increasingly interesting use case for virtual reality that will only improve as the technology becomes more immersive and tracking gets better. Today’s support helps make VR activity just another workout.

You can install Health Connect here and access it from a Quick Settings Tile that you have to first manually add.

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