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Microsoft admits Windows 11 update is tanking PC gaming performance

Microsoft has acknowledged a Windows 11 bug that is negatively affecting PC gaming performance following the most recent 22H2 update.

The PC giant says the update is causing users to “experience lower than expected performance or stuttering” and it is working on a resolution in an upcoming release.

In a post on the official bug tracker for Windows 11 (via PC Mag), the company says “affected games and apps are inadvertently enabling GPU performance debugging features not meant to be used by consumers.”

Effectively, that means Microsoft has to get a handle on a rogue feature that’s acting out of turn. Until then, you can put up with it and wait for the fix, or attempt to roll back to the previous version of Windows 11.

Microsoft also advises users that “updating your games and gaming related apps to the latest version available” may assist with the problem. However, that doesn’t seem all that likely as a solution when the problem is inherently at an operating system level.

We first started hearing about the issue in September when users began updating to the bi-annual upgrade. It’s been a relatively smooth install season for the new Windows 11 update, aside from this gaming glitch. The admission from Microsoft comes after weeks of complaints from gamers about frame rates going down the toilet, especially for gamers using Nvidia graphics cards.

“I just updated to 22H2 and I am dealing with extremely unstable FPS in all my games. I have good specs for gaming and have previously never seen any issues,” wrote Redditor emay007 on Reddit. Others said they rolled back to Windows 11 in order to recover their gaming performance.

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