After adding AI chatbot features to Bing earlier this year, Microsoft is now rolling out its Copilot AI chatbot. This new AI chatbot is here to compete with ChatGPT and will be available to all Microsoft Windows 11 users. With this move, what was once a partnership is now turning into a competition struggling for user base and popularity.

Yes, early this year, Microsoft integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. This step from the tech giant put it in close competition with Google, which at the time was also making its AI moves with Bard. Ever since this integration, Bing users have become familiar with the ChatGPT-enabled chatbot that their search engine provided them with.

Now this change is bringing a new AI tool or companion as Microsoft calls it to users. Windows 11 users will no longer need to access Bing before they can make use of the AI features Microsoft has to offer them. This service will be free to Microsoft business and consumer users for free and will be easily accessible for all.

Windows users are set to enjoy the benefits of the new Microsoft Copilot AI chatbot

Copilot is now becoming available to Windows 11 users for easy and faster access. A few months ago, these users had to rely on the Bing search engine for their AI needs. With this rebranding to Copilot, users will no longer need to access their AI companion via the web.

Microsoft is now advertising this new feature as the way to go for not only businesses but also consumers. This new AI assistant from Microsoft is out to compete with their previous partner’s option, ChatGPT. Copilot combines the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) with the user’s data in Microsoft Graphs and 365 apps.

By doing this, it can help the user get more productive with work thanks to cross-collaboration across Microsoft 365 apps. Aside from being available on Windows 11, Copilot will also be accessible via its domain. This means that this new AI chatbot service will be accessible across various devices with a Microsoft account.

For businesses, signing in will be done via an Entra ID, which is the cloud identity that replaced Azure AD. Regular consumers will be able to sign in via their Microsoft Account on various supported devices. For now, devices or platforms include Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and macOS.

If you use a Windows device or have a Microsoft Account for business or personal use, you can try out this new feature now. But with this launch comes various questions in the minds of users about the performance of this new AI assistant. One such question is whether it’ll gain wide acceptance and be put to use for businesses or personal usage.

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