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microsoft defender offline doesn’t working properly

Microsoft Defender Offline Scan

I’ll give this thread a little bump and explain what I have tried so far to no avail. After hours of extensive reading about how WDO and now Microsoft Defender Offline scans are not working for some since as far back as 2022 for Windows Defender Offline, I had removed all remnants of Malwarebytes from my registry in an attempt to see if any of those entries were conflicting with the Microsoft Defender Offline Scan.

No dice!

The second thing I tried was a Restore Health function with the DISM command and it reported a successful operation and still the Offline scan won’t initiate. Yes, I rebooted after the DISM Restore Health Command.

No Dice gain!

Some articles suggested a repair install; but honestly at this point, if sfc /scannow isn’t flagging anything and my OS is completely operational with no Event Viewer Errors and no Reliability History issues of any kind (especially Critical Events) I really can’t justify using a repair install that probably will not fix it either.

I mean I literally have no indication that any corruption exists anywhere throughout the OS; yet something that worked before the Cumulative Update is now broken and not a peep of it has been mentioned in any documentation that I came across lately that it is a known issue with the November 11th Cumulative Update for systems on 20H2.

Sure I could restore a full backup image I have to prove that Microsoft Defender Offline Scan worked prior to the update; but who would really be interested in that proof?

I don’t understand why this feature was broke on some systems since 2022 and mine remained immune until just now.

So I would really like to hear suggestions if anyone knows how to get this feature working again on this latest Version and Build listed under my Avatar.

Thanks to any and all who have knowledge about how to fix this or if they heard a rumor that this is another feature that is being done away with and I just haven’t heard yet.