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Help needed with Excel Attendance Sheet

You use the Data tab, Data validation facility to do this.

If you want a coherent explanation then look in Excel Help. Here’s the relevant extract from Excel 2007 Help. Excel 2007 Help – Data Validation.pdf

My example:
– I have written them in what seems to me to be the order of easiest explanation.
– You’d actually set them up in the reverse order – step 3, step 2, step 1.

1 The result – my dropdown list. I select the cell then click on the dropdown arrow that appears next to it.

Microsoft Excel [​IMG]

2 To set this up, select the whole column [or individual cells] where you want the dropdown to appear then click on the Data tab then the Data validation control. You need to
– select In-cell dropdown
– set the Allow entry to List
– in Source, enter the worksheet name & cell range where you have written the allowable entries – you will generally want to use absolute cell references such as those shown [$ in a cell address means absolute and will not vary as you copy the formula all the way down your column – look this up if you are not familiar with it because it needs a bit of getting used to].

Microsoft Excel [​IMG]

3 Write out the list of allowable entries that will appear in your dropdown list.

Microsoft Excel [​IMG]

Job done.