Microsoft’s liability in the event of its product and software not working

I simply purchased a complete spec (*10*) Pro X costing over £2k. It does not paintings; it does not paintings as marketed. Its software, i.e. Windows 10 is misguided. If it used to be a automotive, a TV or an alarm clock I’d take it again to the store for restore or substitute beneath my statutory rights and the Sale Of Goods act. For my PC, I appear to be confronted with solving it myself, and even if, after spending two days researching the downside, I’ve discovered that the answers proposed do not paintings, and Microsoft do not supply the vital gear to accomplish the ones fixes.

Is the international, and me, lacking the glaring right here? Microsoft are indisputably in breach of the UK Sale Of Goods act, and they must in the end be chargeable for solving any pc that does not paintings. There should be felony positions right here the Microsoft, and most probably others, are ducking.

How do I am getting Microsoft to honour its felony responsibilities, and how do I turn out that if it does not paintings, it is misguided – finish?

— Interestingly, there is not any class for this submit …. Faulty Product, perhaps?