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[MOD][Xposed+Magisk][13 Compatible] AOSP Mods – System modifications for AOSP-based Android 12+ –


This is a mixed Xposed+Magisk module, which is made to allow customizations that are not originally designed in AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

(Current) Features:
– Back gesture customization
– (3-Button navigation) Hold back to kill app
– Light QS Theme
– Vibrate on QS tile tap
– One-Finger QS panel pulldown
– Customize 4G/LTE icon
– Combined signal Icons
– Double-tap to sleep
– Customization on Battery icon style and size
– Configure build number text in QS footer
– Hide fingerprint circle (Pixel 6)
– Add camera button to lockscreen
– Configure carrier text in lock screen
– Disable screenshot sound

Of course, this is an ongoing work and the feature list will get longer through time

These mods are designed based on AOSP source code. What does it mean? it means that they are expected to work on Roms (Firmwares) which are build based on fairly unmodified Android source code. This means mainly Pixel Phones (3, 4, 4a, 5, 5a, 6), and any other phones that haven’t heavily modified the original Android.

– Android 12: Compatible
– Android 12.1 (12L): Compatible
– Andriod 12.1 beta: Compatible
– Android 13 DP1: Compatible
– Android 13 DP2: NOT Compatible

– Compatible Roms (see above)
– Device Rooted by Magisk 24.2+
– LSPosed (Zygisk Version)

How to install: (Make sure to read post #2 (FAQ) carefully before you proceed)
– Install the magisk module
– Install the App apk file (we assume LSposed is already installed)
– Activate AOSPMods in Lsposed (scope: SystemUI will be enough)
– Reboot (bootloops are not expected)
– You can use AOSPMods app to configure the module

Obviously, the module is not made in the most professional way: I’m not an android developer :D
So, if you are interested and able to improve the code, your contribution will be very (VERY) welcome

Credits / Thanks:
Android Team
@topjohnwu for Magisk
@rovo89 for Xposed
Team LSPosed
Team EvolutionX (Specially @kdrag0n). Most of the mods are based on their work

Brought to you by:
@siavash79 & @Typhus_

Download (Canary 005)