A survey reveals that an overwhelming 87% of American teens own an iPhone, and an even more staggering 88% plan to purchase an iPhone as their next smartphone. These findings paint a grim picture for Google and Android phone manufacturers.

This survey was conducted between September 4th and September 27th by investment firm Piper Sandler. It also found out where these teens live. 36% live in the South, 29% live in the Midwest, 21% live in the West, and the other 14% live in the North.

FaceTime and iMessage are the key reasons behind iPhone obsession


The blue bubble versus green bubble debate is a real phenomenon, not a mere fantasy. While Android is the most popular mobile OS worldwide, iOS tops all charts in the U.S.

The reason why teens prefer an iPhone over Android could also be FaceTime and iMessage. American teens want to be part of the blue bubble ride on iMessage(s). Because when a non-iOS user joins a group chat consisting of iOS users, all those cool features of iMessage go away.

For example, features like end-to-end encryption, read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality image and video sharing, and the ability to send large messages are exclusive to iMessage. That’s why American teens want to be part of the blue bubble ride on iMessage(s). Notably, while Android users have some features like RCS, teens still prefer iPhones.

The ecosystem has an equal role in attracting teens


Another factor that plays a role in the choice between Android and iOS is Apple’s ecosystem. Samsung and others have done the job brilliantly, too. But, still, it’s that Apple people can’t praise enough. The Apple ecosystem promises seamless integration between AirPods, iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watch, and more.

Eventually, many teens end up with an iPhone, whether it’s a refurbished model, an iPhone SE, or part of a carrier deal. Regardless of how they acquire it, the teen iPhone ownership rate remains high. It contributes to the 87% of teens who prefer iOS over Android.

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