MSI Raising GPU Prices Due to Tariffs Too

MSI shall be elevating the costs of its GPUs due to U.S. price lists, placing it consistent with different AIB firms like Asus, EVGA and Zotac, Tom’s Hardware has showed.

In a Tom’s Hardware CES livestream, MSI parts specialist David Yee responded a query from GPU editor Jarred Walton (you’ll be able to see this at 48:43 within the video embedded beneath).

“I will verify that MSI shall be elevating the costs on its graphics playing cards due to the reimplementation, to the reactivation of price lists,” Yee mentioned. “It’s because of this, you already know, we’re nonetheless running at the costs.”

The pricing problems practice to one of the crucial merchandise that MSI introduced at this CES, together with its latest GPU, the Sea Hawk, which water cools an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 with a 240mm radiator.

“For Sea Hawk, we simply introduced it lately, however like I discussed, we’re nonetheless attempting to work out how to convey it in from our manufacturing facility,” Yee informed us. “We haven’t even made up our minds how a lot we’re going to value it simply because the price of the delivery and the tax we’ve got to pay simply to have the border customs free up it to us. So that’s one thing we don’t have finalized data. But we will be able to say that there shall be a value build up.”

Right now, you might be fortunate to even to find any of the highest graphics playing cards in inventory, whether or not it’s one of the most recent from both Nvidia or AMD. But when they have got been to be had, they have got been scooped up briefly, and every so often offered once more on platforms like eBay for a top rate via scalpers.

Yee’s remark additionally means that logistics of having the GPUs into the United States by myself may just purpose inventory shortages. So it feels like getting a GPU may not be any more straightforward anytime quickly.

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