Despite what you might think about Apple, one of the best features the fruit company has come up with in the past number of years has been MagSafe. It’s such an awesome feature, and it even works on Android with the right phones. It will also be added to Qi2 next year, which will make it compatible with everything.

But enough with that, the ESR 5,000mAh MagSafe Battery Pack has been my go-to all year for charging my iPhone 14 Pro and now my iPhone 15 Pro Max. Why? Because it does it’s job and does it well. It also has a kickstand built-in, making it more fun to watch videos on the go. Today, you can get this battery pack for just $17.50. in order to do that, you’ll need to clip the 10% off coupon on the page, and also use the code IIPHIMMQ at checkout. That drops the price at checkout to just $17.50 (from $42.99).

ESR 5,000mAh MagSafe Battery Pack – Amazon

This MagSafe battery pack won’t fully charge your iPhone on a single charge, but it will get you through the rest of the day. I’ve used this battery pack to travel to Korea for the Samsung Unpacked event this Summer, as well as going to New York City many times for the OnePlus Open, Pixel 8 series and a few other events. It’s the GOAT in terms of MagSafe battery packs, and has served me quite well.

I’ve also used this quite a bit on planes to watch YouTube without having to hold my phone, which is a big deal too. And it comes in handy quite nicely. If you are someone that uses your phone a lot, or need to charge it during the day sometimes, then this is a great item to pick up, and at under $20, its a no-brainer.

ESR 5,000mAh MagSafe Battery Pack – Amazon

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