As the Editor in Chief here at Android Headlines, I’ve done a lot of traveling in my day, going to hundreds of phone launches and other events. In 2023 alone, I had around 20 different trips including one to Korea for Samsung Unpacked in July. That means I know a little something about traveling and what accessories are great for traveling. One accessory that I swear by is the Anker Nano Charging Station. I take this literally everywhere, and right now it is only $45.99 – it is regularly $65.99.

This nano charger is a really good travel accessory for two main reasons. It’s small, and it offers quite a few charging options. Lets face it, when you get to the hotel, the AC outlets are never where you need them, right? Well this works as a sort of extension cord. Giving you two AC outlets, two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. This can also charge your MacBook Pro or even your OnePlus Open at up to 67W over USB-C thanks to Programmable Power Supply and Power Delivery technology included here.

It’s a very small charger, I actually have a larger one that is still great, but the smaller the better. The AC Outlets actually pop up when you plug something in. Helping to keep this so small. Another thing that helps with that is GaN, or Gallium Nitride. It’s the new hip thing for chargers these days, instead of using Silicon.

Gallium Nitride works really well for chargers because it can keep them cooler, with less space compared to Silicon. While this is still fairly expensive because GaN is still fairly new, it is a huge advantage over Silicon.

Anker sells the Nano Charging Station three colors: black, white and blue. I’d recommend against getting the black model, as it is going to scratch up very easily, and it’s very easy to see on the Black version. This Black Friday sale likely won’t last much longer than Black Friday this Friday, so you’d better grab one before it is gone.

Anker Nano Charging Station – Amazon

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