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My mouse cursor wont move at all. i keep getting “5050 not supported” and “Device is…

My mouse cursor wont move at all. i keep getting “5050 not supported” and “Device is Disconnected”

Good evening all, To start off I have a T-Dagger Captain 8000dpi gaming mouse. I’ve had it for close to 6 months now and its worked 100% of the time without any complaints, until yesterday.

I launched the software so I could change the RGB lighting. When i initially launched the software, my screen froze for a few seconds and my cursor was stuck in place. before I continue it would be necessary to mention that my mouse has 2 profiles which can be changed with a click of a button. this button is located Underneath the Mouse to the right of the sensor labeled “Working mode button” this set the mouse back to factory settings. So yes i do have a “working mouse”

Whenever the software is booted up I am met with 2 prompts.

1) ‘sensor unmatch; dev=0x3325, cfg=0x3212″

2) “sensor 5050 is not supported”

When I try to apply any changes another prompt “device is disconnected” appears

I’ve tried to troubleshoot in almost everyway possible. Checking the integrity of the cables, making sure the USB is connected properly, Reinstalling the drivers and software, Uninstalling and reinstalling the Human Interface Devices, My options are exhausted at this point and I see no improvement on the situation whatsoever.

If anyone has experienced this and knows of a fix or even some advice it would be immensely appreciated.

I’ve writing my finals right now so I really need the mouse.