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Navitel MR250 NV


Certainly one of necessarily essentially the most luxurious places and necessarily essentially the most difficult in its magnificence, the video registrar Navitel MR250 NV.

Trendy and elegant design immediately catches the eye, alternatively, this way has now not best the outer however moreover the inner attraction. Particularly after we are talking in regards to the capacity to which the later and we will switch on, and now let’s check out the grakščias design lines.

Navitel MR250 NV merely designed to easily exchange your car’s manufacturer’s reflect. Extensive enough to cover a large vision radius and thin for a comfortable pritaisymui. It’s crowd pleasing that the neaktyvavus the an identical veidrodėlyje the integrated show, by any means, now not that that’s the video registrar.

Even while you display a surprising endurance, and rather clearly visible, the reflect shows the view to the rear, one best should glance at the camera to point of interest into the space. Of route, the video permanent recording can also be continued and switched off the show.

Major Complete HD resolution camera their task totally in all local weather must haves. Along with a large contribution to the image transparency, and component put around the 4-s layers lešiai. Digicam a night vision sensor to do what in him and belong to – all the way through the night time time or while the use of throughout the twilight captures the raiškesnį symbol than the usual video recorders.

True, the word “core” mentioned now not merely yourself. Navitel MR250 NV included throughout the has one camera fiksuojančią galini car image. It’s going to even be fastened to the rear of the glass best or roof edge. Because of the adjustable locking device is instantly directed on the right kind viewing viewpoint.
On the other hand, its prime quality makes happy for the reason that anterior chamber. Even the privažiavusio the automobile state numbers for a clear identification rather difficult, on the other hand the an identical incident snatch it completely enough.


Talking of events, this video is the registrar in such instances an integrated gyro, ceaselessly known as G sensorium. And no, this is not the G stage. G-point feels a definite movement, and this captures precisely the sudden acceleration, the suspension or the wonder of the incident.
In such instances, the image sections one after the opposite saved throughout the Tournament folder, which is inviolable and automatically neperrašomas new video subject material.

Navitel MR250 NV market price of 80€.
Purchasing it added an excellent gift from the Navitel company! It is a 12 month license atsisiųstai Navitel GPS navigation išmaniąjame phone or tablet.