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Neat Steam Deck theme brings back Stadia memories [Gallery]

In the wake of Google Stadia’s death, many are searching for an alternative gaming platform to call home. If the Steam Deck turned out to be your replacement for Google’s platform, a neat new theme invokes memories of Stadia on the handheld.

One Stadia fan took on the project of creating a custom theme for the Valve Steam Deck which customizes the UI with a bit of Stadia flair. This is done by changing up the accent colors of various UI elements to match Stadia’s unique red/orange gradient color.

The updated colors show up throughout game pages, menu tabs, and more. The theme was built off of a fork of the “Round” theme built by Emerald, who has several other themes available. Right now, the theme is just in work in progress, but it’s a neat look nonetheless.

Installing themes on the Steam Deck requires using a theme plugin and theme manager.

While this obviously won’t bring back the games or functionality of Google Stadia, it’s a nice way for fans to pay tribute to the fallen service. After all, we found that the Steam Deck was one of the best ways to replace some of the things that made Google Stadia great, especially because the handheld can work with other cloud gaming services with relative ease.

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