Google has taken to the Android Developers Blog to announce the new features coming to Play Games on PC. This service went into beta testing last year and rolled out after passing the testing, attracting PC users to the gaming platform. The new features rolling out to the platform include support for more gaming hardware, display improvements, and easier access.

Users will be able to utilize these new features to help improve their gaming experience on the platform. For the gaming hardware side of the upgrade, users will be able to use more game controllers and microphones. This will not only improve their play but also enable them to engage with other players through streaming games or playing online.

Gamers using a 4K resolution monitor will be able to play in better resolutions using the new dynamic display options. Lastly, accessing games directly from the Google Play Games on PC homepage is now easier. If you play Android games on your PC or if you’re planning to start playing, then you’ll find these new features impressive.

Users can now benefit from the three new features rolling out to the Google Play Games on PC platform

Google is rolling out three new features to the Google Play Games on PC platform. These features will help improve the gaming experience while playing on this platform for users. The new features bring support for game accessories, improvement to display quality, and easy access to games.

If you aren’t already aware, Google Play Games on PC is a platform that lets users experience Android games on a PC. With this feature, users can play their favourite Android games on a laptop or a PC by just accessing the Play Game on the PC platform via their browser. From here they can install games to play and enjoy from their laptop or PC.

With over 3,000 gaming titles on this platform, there is something for everybody. The catalogue is always growing with developers bringing more games to the platform. For this reason, there is a need to add controller support for users to help make gaming more enjoyable.

In addition to this new feature, players on the Google Play Games on PC platform can enjoy 4K content on their screens. Lastly, the previous struggle to find PC-optimized games is a thing of the past. This is because Google is bringing PC-optimized games to the homepage for easy access when searching for games to download and play.

The Google Play Games on PC platform is available in 120+ countries. Developers can also benefit from the new in-game ads feature that Google is making available to them. There is something for everyone with the addition of these new features to the gaming platform.

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