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New Finding out Fabrics with SIK v4.1

Ultimate week, we introduced the newest style of the SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus, the v4.1. We made a approach to keep the physically changes to the SIK v4.1 minimal by way of swapping out out our SparkFun RedBoard with the SparkFun RedBoard Qwiic (to help provide an easy and environment friendly way to be informed earlier the projects provided with the apparatus with the SparkFun Qwiic Connect Software), and a new Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (that reduces inconsistent “bouncy” knowledge). Probably the most primary new additions now we’ve got made to this SIK is a remarkably simple one: video tutorials taking you step-by-step by means of every challenge and circuit! You are able to follow together with our online Experiment Data.

(*9*)SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus v4.1 Experiment Data

Endeavor 1: Gentle

Each week we are going to be releasing a brand spanking new video knowledge protecting the next step of your SIK journey culminating in your very non-public robotics platform. To make it even upper, once now we’ve got coated every step came upon inside the SIK Data, we are going to add a step this is serving to you go beyond what’s positioned inside the box using some Qwiic sensors and add-on boards!

Have you ever ever picked up your own SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus v4.1? Do you non-public a SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus v4.0 and want to reinforce without paying for an entire new apparatus? In all probability you are an educator that are supposed to supply your magnificence with a whole set of SIKs to your students. Check out the decisions underneath for the SIK that most nearly fits you!


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SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus – v4.1

In stock KIT-15267

The fourth model of our same old SIK, utterly reworked from the ground up for a better learning experience! V4.1 now has the a…


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SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus Bridge Pack – v4.1

17 available KIT-15476

A simple apparatus that bridges the space between SIK v4.0 to SIK v4.1 by way of providing you all the parts which could be in v4.1 that aren’t in…



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SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus Lab Pack – v4.1

Simplest 9 left! LAB-15477

The SIK Lab Pack comprises 10 complete Inventor’s Kits, a Refill Pack with, and AA sized batteries to get your magnificence started i…


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SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guidebook - v4.1

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SparkFun Inventor’s Apparatus Guidebook – v4.1

In stock BOK-15478

The SIK Guidebook V4.1 contains step by step instructions with circuit diagrams for construction every challenge and circuit with th…


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