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New leaked specs suggest ‘Pixel Tablet Pro’ might not be a thing after all

According to newly leaked specs, Google is only making one Pixel Tablet, with no “Pro” model in the works.

Since last May, Google has steadily shared details about the first Android tablet in the Pixel lineup since 2022’s Pixel C. We’ve learned that, when not in use, the tablet will be able to double as a Google Assistant smart display, and it should also serve as a showcase of the large-screen features Google has developed since Android 12L.

That said, the core specs of the Pixel Tablet have yet to be confirmed by Google. But, there were signs that the company had been developing an additional “Pro” model of the Pixel Tablet. Specifically, alongside the Pixel Tablet’s “Tangor” codename, there are also mentions of “Tangorpro.”

Today, Android researcher and leaker Kuba Wojciechowski shared a handful of new details about Google’s forthcoming tablet, including clearing up the confusion about the supposed “Pixel Tablet Pro.” According to Wojciechowski, who cites an anonymous source, the primary difference between Tangor and Tangorpro is that the former runs on the original Tensor chip, while the latter runs on Tensor G2.

In fact, it seems that the original “Tangor” Pixel Tablet may not be released at all, leaving the supposed “Pro” model as the one and only Pixel Tablet. Piecing it together, it seems likely that Google may have originally intended for the Pixel Tablet to release last year, but ultimately delayed the device and upgraded its hardware.

Wojciechowski went on to confirm a few other aspects of the Pixel Tablet’s specs. On at least one model, the Tensor G2 chip will reportedly be supplemented by 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Confirming our previous reporting, the tablet should also feature a 2560×1600 display and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

These new specs were seemingly able to be confirmed by a source in possession of a pre-production Pixel Tablet model. This same source provided a handful of images of the Pixel Tablet and its dock.

Notably, on the rear of the device, there’s a sticker indicating that this particular Pixel Tablet is “only compatible with EVT2 K6 and EVT Y4.” The acronym “EVT” here refers to “engineering validation test” which is a common step in building and testing a new device, but the more important details are “K6” and “Y4.”

Last year, we reported that Google was working on two distinct docks for the Pixel Tablet, under the codenames “Korlan” and “Yuzu.” We believe this latest leak confirms Google may still intend on releasing both docks and that the final tablet should work with either one. That said, there still aren’t any details on what would set the two docks apart.

Given the Pixel series’ track record for leaks, we’ll likely learn more about the Pixel Tablet and its accessories as we move closer to launch. The next big opportunity for Google to release hardware is the company’s annual I/O conference, typically hosted in May.

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