Niagara Launcher is easily one of the best launchers on Android these days, despite the fact it has its unique style, which is considerably different from what most users are used to. The latest Niagara Launcher update has been announced, and it delivers ‘Anycon’ icons for effortless customization.

The Niagara Launcher is getting useful, auto-theme icons via the ‘Anycon’ update

As part of this update, Niagara Launcher is getting three different Anycon packs. The Material Icon Pack, the Sticker Icon Pack, and the Watercolor Icon Pack. You can see all three of those in the gallery below.

All three icon packs will adapt to your wallpaper colors, thus taking care of the customization issues. The Material Icon Pack is what most users are used to by now. The Sticker Icon Pack is kind of playful, and the Watercolor Icon Pack is… different, and my favorite out of the three.

Aside from these icon packs, the company also decided to introduce some new features via this update. Icon Assistant is now out of beta, so it can autocorrect missing icons with more stability.

The Icon Assistant will improve over time, based on your usage

The company also says that the Icon Assistant will improve over time. It will learn when you tag a wrongly assigned icon, and avoid making the same mistake the next time around.

The Widget Stack feature on the home screen now takes advantage of big screens. On foldables, for example, it can now show two stacks at once, the same goes for tablets. Your home screen widget stack will now also remember the last visible widget.

App search improvements are also being rolled out. Search corrects typos now, while it also allows searching for apps using the Latin alphabet, regardless of the script used in the app label.

This launcher will also provide “high-quality haptics on supported devices”

The launcher will also provide “high-quality haptics on supported devices”, the company says. High-quality haptics have been added to pop-ups, the alphabet, the hourly weather forecast, the overscroll, the Niagara Pro screen, the credits screen, the Niagara Coin, and the arcade game.

You can also now choose Niagara Launcher’s theme colors, which will affect various aspects of the launcher. It affects the look of the Niagara Button, the alphabet, and several Anycon packs.

Various other ‘Quality of Life Tweaks’ have been rolled out, and a number of bug fixes. You can check out all of those in the company’s full announcement post. Also, do note that this update is available through the beta channel only for now, but it’s coming to the stable channel in the coming days. Also, the company has extended the ‘Pro’ trial to 30 days.

Niagara Launcher (Google Play Store)

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