One Man’s Atari 2600 Odyssey

The console that impressed my lifelong love of gaming


Wchicken I used to be 14, method prior to the appearance of PlayStation or Xbox, there used to be the Atari 2600. At the time this used to be bleeding edge generation and represented the top of the house video games business.

My absolute best good friend won somewhat field, which extra resembled a Hi-Fi part than a gaming gadget, for his birthday and invited all us children round to play. He plugged it into the again of his 14” CRT TV and driven a sq. video games cartridge house, and my creativeness got here alive.

(*14*)It isn’t any exaggeration to mention this talk over with to my good friend’s area used to be one of my abiding reminiscences of an exquisite formative years and one that fired my life-long love of video games consoles.

Source: AtariAge.

The first sport up used to be Centipede. A easy however surprisingly addictive sport. An extended line of little hooked up spheres, the aforementioned centipede, slowly in the beginning, made its method down the display screen round quite a lot of hindrances. Your undertaking used to be to shoot off each and every sphere prior to the centipede reached your place on the backside of the display screen.

This easy premise was hellishly tougher as a result of when shot, the centipede break up in two, with each portions shifting inexorably against you. As the sport advanced the centipede started to transport faster and faster till it used to be nearly unattainable to hit. Eventually when it beat you and reached your place on the backside of the display screen, the well-known ‘Game Over’ legend would seem.

Anyone who recalls the sport Snake, a staple and relatively addictive sport on early Nokia cellphones, can admire that two a long time previous, in complete color and on a large display screen, in the ones days no less than, Centipede had the ability to entrap a era of our impressionable minds.

We all took turns with, I’ve to mention, the least ergonomic and maximum irritating controller I ever had the displeasure of the use of. By the top of a protracted onerous day gaming, my little arms can be aching. The console and the video games have been, alternatively, not anything wanting surprising.

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The remainder of that summer season I slightly ventured outside, spending maximum of my time in my buddies’ lounge taking part in the Atari 2600. I stopped the summer season pasty white however as glad as I’ve ever been. On the run-up to Christmas of that 12 months, there used to be handiest one factor on my want checklist, an Atari 2600 of my very own.

When I woke up on Christmas morning I have in mind being delighted through the sight of my own console which totally presented me to the fantastic global of gaming. I won the Centipede video games cartridge with my console and in a wrapped provide I used to be glad to search out three further video games cartridges, the long-lasting arcade hits, Galaxian, Space Invaders, and Asteroids, which briefly was three of my favorite video games to at the present time.

The console that got here into my existence within the mid 1980’s had in fact been launched in 1977, a thoughts boggling 44 years in the past, and it went directly to promote over 30 million devices (supply: AtariAge). This then, used to be actually a console massive of the primary age, related to the gross sales determine of the giants of nowadays, the PlayStation and Xbox. The affect the Atari 2600 had on me and my existence is immeasurable and will one way or the other be observed through the truth that most of these years later I nonetheless get a thrill out of having my arms on the most recent video games consoles and video games.

Over the years I proficient or offered all of my older consoles to lend a hand fund the following more moderen, brighter, shiner one. All excluding that unique Atari 2600. As an grownup, a few years clear of that impressionable kid whose first console used to be this sq. would impact plastic field, it says an excellent deal that I nonetheless have my little console. It has travelled down the years, and thru a number of area strikes with me and continues to be in a cabinet on a shelf all it’s personal.

The Atari 2600 used to be, and nonetheless is, a actually nice little console.

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