Without a doubt one of the best smartphones of the year is the Google Pixel 8. That isn’t to say it’s perfect, as most will attest the battery life needs work. But shoving that aside, the Pixel 8 loaded with useful features that make your everyday life easier.

It’s one of my favorite phones of the year and one of the reasons why is because of the camera. Though it lacks some of the features from the Pro model it still takes some of the best pictures out there. In particular the macro shots have impressed me quite a bit when I wasn’t expecting much thanks to past experience with mediocre macro modes on other devices. But to my surprise the macro shots on the Pixel 8 have been very good. And it helped me realize the camera overall is just amazing. Using it this past month and half has reinvigorated my love for Pixel smartphones and it’s been hard to put it down for something else.

Google Pixel 8 – Amazon

And now you too can feel that enjoyment as it’s currently on sale for Black Friday and is being discounted to $150 off. This goes for both the 128GB and 256GB models of the phone. Usually the Pixel 8 starts at a cost of $699 for the 128GB model. But because of the Black Friday sale it’s down to just $549. Additionally the 256GB model is discounted down to $609. All colors are available save for the Hazel color of the 256GB model which appears to be out of stock. But you can still get it in the 128GB model.

The camera of course is not the only great part about the Pixel 8. It’s also going to be getting updates for seven years. You read that right, seven years. And not just security updates. But seven years of full Android version updates, and seven years of feature drops in addition to those updates for security. I’ve also been really enjoying the Pixel 8’s AI features. Mostly the call screen feature which has been catching so many spam calls I’ve been smiling from ear to ear. Using the phone for games has also been a pleasant surprise. While it doesn’t perform as well as the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate for that it does hold its own in everything I play.

So if gaming is one of the main concerns for you on a phone this will do just fine. If you or someone you know needs an upgrade to a new device, now is the time to pick this up. Plus, it’ll make a great gift.

Google Pixel 8 – Amazon

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