Razer makes so many gaming headsets it can be hard to nail down which ones are worth your money, but I’m here to help by telling you the Nari Essential is absolutely worth your money. And that’s especially true now that it’s on sale for Black Friday with the price down to $33.

Normally this headset costs $99 which honestly is a reasonable price for what you’re getting. But $33 is so much better because you save more than half. This is a wireless headset and one that I absolutely love because of its comfort and construction. Not all Razer headsets are made the same and not all of them have stainless steel headbands which add to the durability.

Razer Nari Essential – Best Buy

The Razer Nari Essential does though, and it’s still super comfortable to wear during longer gaming sessions. I’ve yet to feel any sort of fatigue when using it over a period of more than a few hours. And that’s all thanks to the large super cushioned ear pads and soft headband padding that has contact with your head.

Aside from the comfort another really great aspect of this headset is its wireless range. It can stay connected without any sort of distortion for up to 39 feet. So I can comfortably get up and walk to the kitchen from where my PS5 is and grab water, snacks or anything else I need. Where some headsets the audio will cut out because the range is just not that great.

What’s also nice is the microphone. The quality is pretty good but what I really have enjoyed a lot is that you can stash it in the headset when not in use. This makes it really easy to get to and the headset looks better. In short, if you want a great wireless headset for a super inexpensive price, grab the Razer Nari Essential while the price is low during this sale.

Razer Nari Essential – Best Buy

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