NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090 GPU is a powerhouse of a graphics card that has been getting a ton of attention lately, but not always for the best of reasons due to its melting power connectors, and short of returning the card (if possible) the only course of actions might be repairs. The RTX 4090 is in a precarious spot. It’s the current king of GPUs for gamers who want a top-of-the-line build, but it also launched with a pretty serious design flaw that has caused many cards to stop working.

Worth noting is that this is only the initial model of the RTX 4090 GPU that NVIDIA launched. After numerous reports and complaints from consumers, NVIDIA rolled out a new model that has supposedly fixed the power connector problem by using a new design. But that doesn’t fix the issue for the consumers who have the old card. And may have yet to experience the melted connector. One might think the problem is dead and gone. But that doesn’t really seem to be the case according to NorthRidgeFix. Which is an LA-based technician repair for PCs and other computer equipment.

Technician says they fix 20-25 RTX 4090 GPUs every single week

For a lot of consumers, if your GPU’s power connector were to just melt during normal use, you might think the card was essentially dead. And technically that would probably be true. But that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be repaired. In fact repairs on these cards could be happening more often than you think. A technician from NorthRidgeFix says they’re getting in about 20 – 25 RTX 4090 GPUs a week that need repairs. And that the repair requests are coming in so consistently at these weekly numbers that they’re reaching around 100 repairs a month.

Which means there are still consumers out there who are either just now getting around to trying to repair the cards or they’re just now experiencing the cable melting for the first time. It’s also easy to write off this type of issue as something that would be user error. As it appears has been done before. But NRF highlights what should be a pretty clear detail that this isn’t a user problem. But one of manufacturing.

Aside from mentioning the amount of weekly repairs they’re doing on this particular card, they also show in the video how many repairs they’ve already completed within one week. With more than 10 cards waiting to be shipped back out to the owners. They also bring attention to the types of health concerns that could arise when dealing with this kind of issue via repairs so often. Noting that they had to buy a mask to help filter out the smell from working on the burnt connectors consistently.

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