The OnePlus Open, the company’s technically first foldable smartphone, is getting a new update. This update brings various camera improvements, eSIM support, and more changes to the OnePlus Open.

A new update bring camera improvements & eSIM function to the OnePlus Open

It is marked as v13.2.0.116, and it seems to be rolling out as we speak. As per usual, the rollout is happening OTA (Over-The-Air), and your phone will let you know once it’s available. You can always manually check, though, of course.

The update itself weighs 301MB in size, so it’s not all that big, but still, make sure you have enough battery charge to push it through. Make sure you have at least 30% in the tank, the OnePlus Open may not even allow you to update if you have less than that.

In any case, let’s start with ‘System’ changes, as the company’s changelog is separated into three parts. OnePlus notes that this update improves both system stability and system performance.

The company also fixed a slow response issue that sometimes occurred in WeChat. Not many of you use it, but it was an issue upon tapping and holding onto a friend’s profile photo on the cover screen.

A problem with the ‘Eraser’ tool has also been fixed

This update also fixes an issue with the Eraser tool in Photos. At times, it refused to respond to taps. That should no longer happen.

The ‘Communications’ section has only one change, actually. That change is the addition of eSIM support. It was not available out of the box, but you can not utilize it.

In terms of the ‘Camera’ changes, two entries can be found in the changelog. The first one says that the update increases the clarity of photos taken at higher zoom ratios with the telephoto camera.

The second entry says that the update improves the tone and color accuracy of photos taken in the ‘Photo’ and ‘Pro’ modes.

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