OPPO has announced the latest global version of its Android-based skin/OS, ColorOS 14. The company has also started rolling out that version to the very first smartphone, in some regions.

ColorOS 14 is now official, and OPPO also shared the global rollout schedule for beta builds

That being said, let’s first say that ColorOS 14 is based on Android 14, as you may have assumed. OPPO optimized its Aquamorphic Design here, so it’s basically an evolution of ColorOS 13.

The company also announced some AI-powered features for improved efficiency, upgraded self-developed tech for improved performance, and improved safety and privacy throughout.

Improved Aquamorphic Design

OPPO emphasized that Aquamorphic Design is inspired by water, that hasn’t changed, of course. It was announced alongside ColorOS 13 last year. ColorOS 14 optimizes that design with new sound effects, color systems, interactions, and more.

OPPO actually partnered up with the world’s top sound design team to bring new sound effects to its OS. You’ll get ten sets of Aquamorphic-themed ringtones for calls, alarms, and notifications here. On top of that, seven global UI sound designs are also included.

The coloring system has been improved too, and it can now intelligently adapt to the smartphone’s status, time, and on-screen content. That will make the whole experience more immersive, of course.

The company also presented something called the ‘Aqua Dynamics’ design. OPPO says that this will enable more intuitive interactions for users. This feature basically “integrates common forms of interaction into bubbles, capsules, and panels that expand from the status bar to present information in a way that naturally follows and merges with minimal disruption”.

The company also introduced a GO Green Always-On Display to raise awareness about climate change. That AOD screen includes three sets of Environment Vision pages, and each of them includes five environment-related animations that change based on your daily step count. It basically shows the reduced carbon dioxide emissions considering you choose walking over other forms of transport.

AI-powered smart features

AI is a word that every tech company utilizes these days. OPPO does too, as the company says that AI plays a huge role in boosting efficiency in ColorOS, and that it has been that way for quite some time now.

ColorOS 14 actually comes packed with AI features. AI-powered Smart Touch enables you to select content like text, images, and videos from the system and third-party apps, and then collect them on the File Dock.

The brand-new File Dock on the Smart SIdebar actually allows you to share content across apps easily.

Smart Imaging Matting is also a new feature that enables you to crop multiple subjects like persons and animations out from a single image or paused video. You can edit cutouts in the FIle Pocket, File DOck, and split-screen mode.

Upgraded Trinity Engine

OPPO also mentioned that it upgraded the Trinity Engine for even smoother performance. The three key features of Trinity Engine include ROM Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, and CPU Vitalization.

ROM vitalization frees up memory space by compressing apps and file data. RAM vitalization can accelerate memory performance in order to boost multi-app efficiency, which will basically allow you to run more apps in the background. CPU Vitalization is basically a system-level computing power scheduling technology that OPPO is very proud of.

Smart Charging is also mentioned as an AI feature here, and that is true. It can automatically adjust the charging current based on your usage status. There are several options to choose from, actually.

Improved safety & privacy

The company says that ColorOS 14 utilizes the underlying privacy capabilities of Android 14, in addition to some of its own. OPPO presented the Picture Keeper feature, which is made to prevent apps from misusing permissions for your personal photos and videos.

ColorOS 14 rollout

OPPO says that ColorOS 14 rollout has already started in some regions for the OPPO Find N2 Flip. Do note that this is a beta version we’re talking about. The first stable build is expected in mid-November. You can check out the timeline for the global beta builds in the image below.

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