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[other] i3wm screen flickering on Nvidia with Ubuntu 22.10

Hi all!

After switching to new laptop i’m facing a little bit weird issue. Well, maybe i will share a video about issue, for better understanding:

You might think that i’m pressing esc so dmenu dissapers. But it’s not. Its look like my system “created” a snapshot of my screen and for a second displayed it instead of real display
I’m experiencing this in every application, and i feel it might be some related on inputs? Since i mostly have this issue while being in input control when system is waiting to some keystrokes.

You might tell me that it is a graphics driver related issue, but unfortunately it’s not ;( I’m using Ubuntu 22.10, and my laptop (Dell Prestige 5585) has Nvidia Quadro P2000 graphic card. I’ve tried different drivers (open/free, and proprietary ones), also standard ubuntu Gnome with Wayland and with Xorg. And one common thing is that this issue is reproductible ONLY on i3

I had no idea where to find help, what to test. Please give me some advice.