The ActiveArmor is AT&T’s spam text and robocall blocking service that is available to all users. With this, AT&T can protect its users from chains of spam texts and robocalls. In July alone, this service blocked over 1 billion of these attacks from reaching their users around the world.

That figure is huge and shows how much these bad actors rely on spamming their victims with texts or calls. Truthfully, AT&T hit a milestone back in July, and they were able to keep users safe. Following this level of success, the service provider is giving their users or customers more control over how they block these attacks for bad actors.

To gain control over the blocking of spam texts and robocalls on their devices, AT&T provides users with an app. Additionally, AT&T encourages their users to report such scam activities so that they can be handled appropriately. If you use AT&T services on your mobile device(s) this article highlights efforts put in place to keep you safe.

AT&T takes the fight against spam texts and robocalls to the next level with its ActiveArmor service

As AT&T heightens the fight against spam texts and robocalls they are giving users more control over these actions. With the ActiveArmor mobile security app, users can get more control of both spam texts and robocalls. With access to this, users can appreciate the efforts put into keeping them safe, as well as have more control over these actions from bad actors.

Scams are becoming more popular as the days go by, with ill-meaning individuals trying to pry on the vulnerability of others. These individuals resort to different means to get access to potential victims. Some of the tactics they use are spam texts and robocalls and lots of users have fallen for these types of scam attacks.

With the help of ActiveArmor, AT&T has been able to block most of these attacks from reaching their users. The AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security app helps users to block email-to-text messages and have their text messages sorted. The sorting process will group texts into folders, and the user can pick which folder they want to get notifications from.

For robocalls the app lets users fine-tune their settings, and they can pick between two options. They can either block all suspected spam callers or move all calls from unknown numbers to voicemail. These are very useful features or controls that the app gives users to ensure their safety.

AT&T now occupies a leadership role in the industry Traceback Group and is fighting to curb spam calls. Users can rest assured knowing that a lot of effort is being put into place to protect them from scammers. If you use AT&T, you can download the ActiveArmor mobile security app on your smartphone and enjoy access to these controls and features.

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