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Overengineered Fume Extractor, Version 2

We all know the temptation of adding one more feature to your latest project. [Arnov Sharma] didn’t resist the urge. Building on his 3D-printed fume extractor, he developed a new version made of PCB material.

The device has a 18650 battery and corrects several flaws in the original design we covered earlier. In particular, the new version uses a quiet fan and consumes less power. There is also a 3D-printed filter housing that uses cotton as a filter media.

Like the previous version, an ATTiny controls the motor speed. The board uses surface mount components, although we imagine you could reproduce the device with through-hole components if you were so inclined.

This would be an easy build for a soldering station. We wonder, too, if it would help with a smelly resin printer. We might add activated carbon to the filter and while the battery is handy, we imagine most places we want it, we’d be just as happy to have it plugged in.

We always like the use of PCBs as structural elements. After all, it is a cheap way to get a precision-machined piece of fiberglass. We’ve even seen the trick used for wrenches.