Samsung’s 990 Pro NVMe SSD is arguably one of the best SSDs on the market right now and it comes in a staggeringly large 4TB capacity, which is available right now for an incredibly low $249.99. This will likely be the best price even through Black Friday. It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to get this drive for this low of a price. As it normally retails for around $350.

Worth keeping in mind is that this is the version without a heatsink. So it could be used in the PS5 if this is what you wanted the drive for. But it would be highly recommended to get an aftermarket heatsink to put onto it. And ultimately this would be cheaper than buying the version that comes with the heatsink as that still has a price of over $350.

If you’re buying this for PC than a heatsink isn’t necessarily needed. But it’s still not a bad idea. Samsung’s 990 Pro is a wicked fast SSD that will help with everything from booting up your system faster to cutting down the loading times of your games. And after months and months of use on both the PS5 and PC we can attest to its high quality. And best of all is that Samsung uses a nickel-coated controller to help with thermals. The end result is that you don’t have to worry about dips in performance because the SSD is overheating.

Though again, it’s not a bad idea to have a heatsink for PC, and Sony highly recommends you use one with the PS5. And we’re inclined to agree there. If you need an SSD upgrade you can snag this deal from the link below.

Samsung 4TB 990 Pro SSD – Amazon

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