It’s gift buying season and if a gaming laptop is on your list of potential purchases this year, this deal on the ROG Zephyrus M16 from ASUS is a must for consideration. Right now the laptop is being discounted for Best Buy’s early Black Friday sale for $450 off the normal price. Bringing the end cost down to $1,499.99 from the original price of $1,949.99.

A $450 savings is a pretty big deal with the specs and features this laptop offers. Which includes not only an RTX 4070 GPU but a 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM alongside a 16-inch 240Hz display. The display is one of the better reasons to get it. It features a super fast refresh rate which means your games will look buttery smooth.

This won’t matter for all games but it will certainly be a big deal in shooters where every second counts. Speaking of the display this one features the ROG Nebula display. ASUS is pretty proud of this tech and any of its laptops that have it are bound to deliver a better gaming experience. The refresh rate is part of what makes this a Nebula display. But it also has a peak brightness of 1,100 nits. That’s a super bright display so you’ll see all the colors you were meant to see while gaming.

It also supports NVIDIA G-Sync, NVIDIA Advanced Optimus, and Dolby Vision with a 3ms response time. In short, the display offers vivid colors with lots of brightness and there’s extremely low latency. This is an excellent laptop even at full price but snag this deal while you can from the link below.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 – Best Buy

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