PC Crashes all through video games, no BSOD, simply dies


PC reboots (no BSOD) on CPU pressure

Hello fellow TPU individuals,

now not too way back, the field my gf’s PC used to be transported in gave method at the stairs. Sure, you were given it proper, that despatched a PC tumbling down a flight of steps alright.

Stuff broke. Additionally, stuff remained intact by hook or by crook.

I purchased her a brand new case, new CPU cooler and we got rid of the floppy power, to this point so excellent. However the PC began crashing for no obvious reason why, with out a BSOD.

I examined:

  • Memtest86+, left in a single day, 0 mistakes
  • Scanned the HDD for mistakes, not anything there
  • Left FurMark burning up the GFX card and drawing some energy, no issues there
  • Ran Ubuntu from a Reside CD doing not anything particular, did not crash
  • Ran OCCT, Linpack, Prime95, all 3 brought about reboots inside mins
  • Oh, and I disabled “Restart on error” so I am positive it is not a BSOD.

Now, I will nonetheless try to take a look at one thing CPU extensive on Ubuntu, however my wager is the CPU did not continue to exist.
Prior to I do the rest drastic like whippin’ out the magic pockets and get her a brand new AMD quad, is there the rest I did not see?
I am guessing the motherboard may well be borkered as neatly, however can I test that aside from changing the CPU with a operating one?
Any tips on which proggies I will use from an Ubuntu Reside CD to worry the CPU?