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Permanent shares – seems impossible in Ubuntu for a newbie?

Hi all
Have been struggling for a few weeks with this, as yet, can’t figure it out. If some kind person can point me at a tutorial that works (the Ubuntu wiki for example doesn’t work), that would be most welcome.

The problem – I have a Synology NAS box and I’d like to do like Windows does, and share the contents of the NAS to my Ubuntu devices.
Synology is a closed system so although I can SSH to the box, I can’t really tinker with the underlying setup other than what they provide.

So far I’ve been trying to use SMB and NFC to share drives. SMB is a dead loss, Dolphin can see the NAS box SMB but as soon as I go to it, it insists on appending ‘.local’ to the NAS name so fails with ‘folder does not exist’.
If I try and map shares directly to SMB in fstab, similar lack of success, permission denied (the mounts and so forth are correctly setup as far as I can see, but can’t be).

With NFC, I’ve got as far as mapping the drives successfully on the fly, but as soon as I transfer into fstab, I’m toast, and the mappings don’t work. So, am thinking, maybe the only way of doing this is to write a script to run on startup to map the drives under NFC and leave it at that?

thanks in advance!