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Personalized Emails for Higher Open Rates [Female Character]

It’s a lazy Monday morning. You open your inbox. And oh, look, there’s another email from Walmart and Target and Macy’s and… too late, you’ve already moved on to doing something else.

You don’t care about any of these emails.


Because getting sales emails from companies is boring! And your customers probably feel the same way.

So try this instead

Write an email from a character instead of your company.

For example, if you’re marketing for a soap brand and your Head of Product is named Emma, your email could start out something like this:

“Hey there, Emma here.

I’m Chief of Soap here at Generic Soap Brand (my real title is Head of Product, but Chief of Soap explains what I do so much better).

I wanted to send you a quick message about…”

Emma doesn’t even have to be real, although it helps if she is.

Point is, people like hearing from people, not brands

The tactic above can be very effective, especially when you don’t use it too often and the message is right.

Have a character you can connect with, as a way to help you connect with the brand.

So try writing an email to your list from a character or a person at your company and see how it does.

If nothing else, it’ll make your readers look twice before moving on.