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Phone Link app doesn’t show apps from my phone

Your Phone app not working

Perhaps this may be of help clearing up some confusion.

If you do a search for “Your Phone” via the Windows 10 start menu, the result takes you to the “Your Phone” app page, which gives you the options to connect/sync your computer to your phone. It is the settings on that page that I have struggled with, because they lead you nowhere, with no way to complete the process. At least, that is my experience.

But there is another choice in that also shows up farther down in the start menu “Your Phone” the search results called “Link your phone”. It takes you to a different settings page titled “Your Phone”, but gives you options not found on the Your Phone “app” page, including the ability to add a device, and most importantly, “unlink” your phone. This is the crucial step, which will lead you to the next step of re-linking your phone on your computer. You will come across a popup that displays a QR code (you will be asked to scan this QR code in a further step), and you will be asked to install the the Your Phone app on your phone (even if it is already installed), upon which it will then offer you to confirm the process by either scanning the QR code, or signing into Microsoft.

For me, for whatever reason, scanning the QR code did not work, but signing into Microsoft did complete the process.