Last week, we reported that Google was preparing to release the Photo Stack feature for the Photos app. Photo Stack is a new feature that helps users organize their photos. The future is now rolling out to users around the world.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot showing the Photo Stack landed in his Pixel 8 series phone. You can now check if Google has released any new updates for the Photos app. If it’s not yet available on your device, wait a few weeks before checking for updates again.

Photo Stack rolls out to Google Photos users

Of course, the feature is not enabled by default, and you need to go through Google Photos settings to enable it. To do so, follow the Settings > Preferences > Stack Similar Photos toggle.

As you can probably guess from the name, Photo Stack can group similar images that are taken together. This helps you organize your files and prevent multiple similar shots from scattering in your Photos app. Google already lets users manage their images for easier access. However, the Photo Stack feature makes it much more convenient to access similar snaps.

If you’re a former Apple customer, you’ve probably worked with a similar feature dubbed “Apple Photos Moments.” The feature on Apple devices stacks photos and images taken on the same day or event. Apple Photos Moments uses factors such as time, location, people, and content to identify similar snaps.

The screenshot shared by the Reddit users shows five images grouped into a photo stack. Each stack has a dedicated header image to help users quickly identify photo stacks. It remains to be seen how many similar images can be stacked together. We can find this out when the feature is widely rolled out.

Another speculation about the Photo Stack is that the feature automatically deletes similar images once the user chooses the best image. Yet, we can’t independently confirm if this functionality is available in the app.

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