Fashionable Overclocker Delids Core i9-11900K with Spectacular Effects

Per week in the past, German overclocker der8auer printed a video showcasing his findings on delidding a Core i9-11900K, Intel’s new flagship Rocket Lake CPU. It is not one of the best possible CPUs, according to our trying out, however it is nonetheless an impressive opponent in the fitting workloads. der8auer discovered that delidding Rocket Lake yielded very spectacular temperature effects; then again, the method is so tough that it is probably not definitely worth the effort.

The issue with the 11900K is its extra advanced PCB format of parts. Subsequent to the IHS are a number of tiny SMD (floor fastened software) capacitors which might be extremely refined. The capacitors are so with reference to the IHS that you’ll be able to simply hit one of them whilst doing away with the IHS, which might most probably render the CPU nonfunctional.

That is in contrast to the sooner ninth and tenth Gen chips that do not have any SMDs anyplace close to the IHS, making an allowance for a (moderately) protected delidding procedure you probably have the fitting gear. However der8auer is a certified overclocker and professional at delidding, so he took the danger on his 11900K.

Now not best do the SMDs pose issues, however what is even worse is the volume of force you want to use to the 11900K all the way through the delidding. der8auer needed to improve his CPU delidding software with a torque wrench to get the IHS to transport in any respect, the place previous CPUs best wanted an Allen wrench. You’ll see the tension of looking to twist the software whilst holding the delidding field strong within the above video.

Remember the fact that, this provides vital chance to the delidding procedure. Even with the torque wrench, the IHS did not need to come off, so der8auer needed to lodge to warming the CPU up in an oven first. After all, he used to be ready to effectively take away the IHS, although he mentions a number of occasions that he would now not counsel the general public strive to take action.


(*10*)(Symbol credit score: YouTube)

The excellent news is that the top effects are relatively spectacular. der8uer famous a 10C–12C aid in temperatures, purely from scraping off the solder at the IHS and changing it with liquid steel.

That is very spectacular on a chip that already has solder. The usage of solder (as hostile to a couple type of thermal paste) between the CPU die and the IHS is already a just right answer for thermal dissipation. Upgrading to liquid steel typically best leads to a couple of 5C aid in temperatures, now not 10-12C.

It is moderately unlucky that the delidding procedure is so extremely dangerous on Comet Lake CPUs. We might love to peer extra delidded 11900K trying out to peer if der8auer’s effects are conventional, however the probability of harmful the CPU is so nice that it is not definitely worth the chance for the majority of customers — even for an excellent 10C drop in temperatures.