Production PCB And Pogo Pins Produce A Clever Test Jig


[Hans Summers] runs a website, promoting self-assembly kits most commonly for radio tools and GPS packages, and had some manufacturing issues together with his QCX+ 5W QRP transceiver package. They have been the usage of an meeting residence that had some issues of a sub-contractor going below all the way through the pandemic, and the substitute provider used to be slightly under the predicted stage of high quality, leading to an important choice of SMT populated forums popping out non-functional. Clearly, now not short of to move those directly to shoppers as a debug downside, they got to work on an in-house QA examine jig, to provide them the boldness to send kits once more. The ensuing useful examine jig, (video, embedded under) takes a somewhat fascinating way. Skip the video to 9:00 for the outline of the examine jig and detailed examine descriptions.

By means of taking an current known-good PCB, stripping off all of the SMT portions, and shifting the by way of gap elements to the rear PCB facet, pogo pins may well be soldered to strategic places. Construction the meeting right into a rudimentary enclosure constituted of sawn-up uncooked copper clad board, with the pogos dealing with upwards, and a straightforward clamp on best, allowed the PCB-under-test (let’s name it the (*3*)UUT from hereon) to be positioned and clamped in position. This compressed the pogos to be able to make a company electric touch. A work of MDF that have been attacked with a dremel did responsibility as a drive plate, with cutouts across the SMT part spaces to reach the desired uniform board drive and preserving the power clear of the subtle soldered portions. All which means that with an UUT attached by means of pogo pins to a through-hole most effective examine PCB, the whole circuit can be finished, if and provided that the UUT used to be utterly useful, and that suggests defect-free soldering and defect-free elements.

Subsequent the firmware used to be rewritten to do responsibility because the examine controller, which when powered up would step by way of a chain of examine eventualities and measurements, logging the consequences to an OLED show and a serial interface. This rig survived 1,000 SMT checks with out failing, giving [Hans] the boldness to send out new kits and offering a database of datalog effects as a backup must a buyer have a topic all the way through ultimate meeting. All-in-all a sensible concept to unravel a troublesome downside, with nary a customized examine jig PCB in sight!

Those pages had been graced with many a pogo-based examine rig through the years. Right here’s one to begin, and for those who’ve were given a at hand laser cutter and a few scrap picket, making a correct examine rig isn’t any hassle both.


Thank you [Paul] for the end!

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