Sony is giving PS5 owners up to a 6-month free trial of Apple Music so you can stream your favorite tunes, new releases, and more directly from your console. This is similar to Sony’s PS5 partnership with Apple for a free 6-month trial to Apple TV+. New users were able to redeem the offer and if done so by a certain time period, they’d be able to stream Apple TV+ content on the console and on other platforms. All for free until the trial period was over.

It’s essentially the same deal here. Although there are some differences and caveats. And these are details you’ll want to pay attention to. Most notably is that once the trial ends, you’ll need to pay for the service going forward which is $10.99 per month. Not a bad deal if you don’t already subscribe to something else or you prefer Apple Music to other streaming music options. You also have to claim the offer by November 15 of 2024.

Now that’s a whole year away so you might think there’s no reason to worry. But you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. So you might as well redeem the offer while the thought is fresh in your mind. Lastly is that the Apple Music trial is good for qualified returning users too. Whereas the Apple TV+ trial offer was only for new members.

Returning Apple Music subscribers on PS5 only get 5 months free

There’s a little extra incentive here to bring in brand spanking new Apple Music subscribers. And to do that Apple and Sony are giving those who have never subscribed to Apple Music before one extra month of free access. That means if you’ve used Apple Music before in the past, you won’t get the full 6-month free trial. But it’s not like you’re leaving empty-handed. Qualified returning subscribers will still get a 5-month free trial to the service which is really quite generous and plenty of time to decide if you want to keep it once the trial is over.

And keep in mind that once you set this up, you can use Apple Music for those five months completely free on all your other devices. That includes on your PC, on your mobile device, your tablet, your smart TV, and anywhere else the app or service is available. Setup is pretty easy and just requires a few minutes of time and signing in with your Apple ID once you get the app downloaded. From there it’s happy listening.

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