Raspberry Pi Cameras Stand in for Stereo Microscope

Dealing with tiny floor mount elements and examining PCBs is so much more straightforward with a pleasant stereo microscope, however as a result of their price and bulk, maximum hobbyists need to do with out. At easiest they could have a elementary virtual microscope, however with most effective one digicam, they are able to most effective display a 2D symbol that’s no longer best for element paintings.

The staff at the back of [Stereo Ninja] hopes to toughen at the scenario by means of growing a stereoscopic imaginative and prescient gadget that places tiny items up at the large display screen in three dimensions. Using the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, a customized provider board that allows using each MIPI CSI digicam interfaces, and a 3-D gaming observe, their introduction combines the functions of a conventional stereo microscope with the versatility of a virtual resolution.

(*1*)With two Raspberry Pi cameras suspended over the paintings house, and the addition of a lot of LED mild, Stereo Ninja is in a position to generate the 3-D symbol required by means of the observe. Whilst the digicam’s don’t have the similar magnification you’d get from a microscope, they’re excellent sufficient for enlarging SMD portions, and having a look at a large display screen observe without a doubt beats hunching over the eyepiece of a conventional microscope. Particularly if you happen to’re looking to display one thing to a bunch of folks, like at a hackerspace.

In fact, no longer everybody has a big 3-D gaming observe on their workbench. In truth, given how poorly the tech went over with shoppers the final time it was once driven on us, we’d bet extra hackers have stereo microscopes than 3-D presentations. Which is why the staff’s subsequent step is to have the (*3*)Raspberry Pi generate the alerts required by means of the shutter glasses, permitting Stereo Ninja to turn a three dimensional symbol on 2D displays; bringing this treasured capacity to a long way higher target market than has up to now been imaginable.

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