Raspberry Pi USB Copier Duplicates Knowledge in a Flash

Managing flash power information generally is a little bit tedious when the usage of a pc, however this challenge streamlines the method within the type of a hand-held. Maker Shaun Jay has created a USB flash power copier the usage of a Raspberry Pi 0.

The absolute best Raspberry Pi tasks are ones with sensible makes use of, and this one completely suits the invoice. This hand-held lets in the person to simply view, take away and duplicate the contents of one flash power to every other the usage of a customized interface.

It is determined by an Adafruit 128 x 64 OLED Bonnet and a Zero4U USB hub. In combination, those supply a visible show and quite a few USB ports for the challenge’s wishes. A joystick and two buttons are used to navigate the choices and make picks.

Raspberry Pi

(Symbol credit score: Luke Hutchinson)

The application facet of this challenge is determined by an open supply construction referred to as USB Copier, created through Luke Hutchinson. Hutchinson’s code is determined by Rsync and will also be discovered on Github for any individual .

The USB copier is not best, Jay admits — it does not beef up sector-to-sector cloning, which you’ll be able to want for copying boot disks. However for basic recordsdata, it is beautiful to hand.

For an in-depth take a look at how this challenge is going in combination, consult with the reputable weblog put up on Shaun Jay’s site.