Recreating DOOM on a Homebrew 8-Bit CPU


[James Sharman] has been operating away on a 8-bit CPU of his personal design. Naturally, along with his computing instrument in large part practical, the most obvious query was once requested: can it run DOOM? (*8*) newest video explores this query, (*3*)appearing simply how shut he was once ready to get.

(*8*) 8-bit pipelined CPU additionally has its personal UART, VGA adapter, and sound adapter all constructed up on discrete parts on more than a few PCBs. There’s additionally a customized interface for a SNES controller as an enter instrument. Then again, it’s basically smartly under the specifications that DOOM at first required at release. His 8-bit CPU runs at simply 4 MHz, with 64 KB of RAM. This compares poorly to the 32-bit, 33 MHz Intel 386 chips and 4 MB of RAM at first really useful to run the sport.

In lieu of operating the actual factor, [James] demonstrated the restrictions of his system by way of coding his personal demo, nicknamed Doomed. It’s ready to reasonable 19 fps video output at a answer of 80×60, and is composed of over 5,000 strains of hand-written meeting code. Basically, it’s a elementary 3-d engine now not dissimilar to Wolfenstein 3-d, although with none exact gaming interactions concerned.

[James] can have merely said the system gained’t run DOOM. Then again, looking to get one thing identical up and operating was once an invaluable studying enjoy, and in his personal phrases, extremely fulfilling. This angle of pushing on within the face of adversity is what propels many different DOOM porting efforts.

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