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Red Dead Online zombies: Undead Nightmare tease or unlucky glitch?

Red Dead Online zombies: Undead Nightmare tease or unfortunate glitch? screenshot

Rockstar advanced a few add-ons for the original Crimson Useless Redemption, alternatively none had been further daring than Undead Nightmare — the zombie-themed DLC that contained a brand spanking new advertising and marketing marketing campaign. Now, it kind of feels as even if the sequel would possibly get its private Undead Nightmare. Or most likely now not!

One thing strange is going on in Crimson Useless On-line, and it’s each a tease or a glitch. Ever since final week’s exchange, individuals are finding NPCs that look an horrible lot like zombies. For instance, right here is that this woman who seems completely not unusual, no longer anything else wrong along side her the least bit: