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Redout: Space Assault places you in keep an eye on of a Super Orbital Recon Fighter right through the 2395 Colonization of Mars: dive within the quickest, maximum epic and thrilling arcade area combat you’ll enjoy. Outsmart, outmaneuver, overpower, outclass your fighters in lightning-fast, adrenaline-inducing single-player area fight.

You play as Leon Barret, ace fighter pilot of the Poseidon Security Forces. Here at Poseidon Corp., we’re looking to pave the way in which for the colonization of Mars, as mankind is suffering for survival, break up between a depleted sizzling Earth and a chilly, claustrophobic Lunar colony. Your task is to care for order through removing rebels and area pirates, facilitate our scientists’ analysis whilst preserving them secure, and give protection to all our staff from the a lot of exterior threats.

Dive down into gigantic asteroid mining vegetation, shoot down Rebel drones and opponents, roll left and proper keeping off enemy fireplace, unharness impossibly tough missile volleys, but additionally race towards stray pilots and area scavengers at breakneck velocity for the sheer thrill of it.

By finishing missions you are going to liberate Cards and Tokens to improve your fighter’s Hull, Shields, Energy Weapons and Missiles till you’ll be able to cross up towards huge Capital Ships and single-handedly shift the tide of the conflict.

In an interplanetary battle the place no one is just right or unhealthy, you are going to enjoy Leon emerging throughout the ranks, the that means of “essential evil”, the price of integrity and in the end, what it way to take a stand.


  • Career mode – be told each talent you want to continue to exist and triumph within the Redout Universe.
  • Many Thriving Worlds – unique places, grandiose occasions and epic battles past each frontier.
  • Deep Gameplay – manifest your tactical superiority through placing your dexterity, fast considering and suppleness to the take a look at.
  • Bigger, Badder Weapons – From Plasma Cannons to Shock Rays, Railguns, Scattershot, Air-To-Air Missiles, and Loadup Gatlings, an unlimited array of guns is at your disposal. Choose, improve, or even set up more than one circumstances to your send.
  • Pimp my Ride – improve your spaceship to scale it up: allow them to come through the handfuls, or single-handedly tackle a Destroyer Warship! Drop and switch Cards to give a boost to unmarried sides of your send and higher suit your taste.
  • Music on your ears – An fully dynamic soundtrack that can drop sicker and sicker beats the harder the enjoy will get!

Fight enemy Drones, Fighters and all forms of enemy ships in rail shooter sections: keep away from missiles and buckets of bullets whilst you are taking them down one through one.
Explore Iridium mines and deserted area buildings looking for hideouts, sources, and Rebels: benefit from the freedom of motion, minimize your engine energy to squeeze via slim passages, however watch out to not scratch your paintwork.
Race via enemy installations, at the back of enemy traces, via gigantic area battles, or towards area pirates for a fast greenback.
Assault Capital Ships in specifically designed missions that pit you towards gigantic vessels: each and every with distinctive strengths, weaknesses and particular assaults, each and every a turning level within the narrative of the sport!

Redout: Space Assault comes with the Redout Adrenaline seal-of-quality. Every send motion, from rolling to keep away from missiles to pushing the boundaries of your send by way of the improved spice up, will make you’re feeling like you’re in reality using a space-capable fighter jet, on the point of keep an eye on. You is not going to wish to immediately turn out to be a most sensible gun as a way to benefit from the recreation, however you are going to surely want some talent if you wish to reach all bonus targets and max out your fighter stats!

Redout Space Assault-CODEX

SIZE: 12.9 GB

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