Scale back the dimensions of the Menu

Once I Proper Click on an icon, an enormous menu pops up. How can I edit the menu to make it smaller?

In accordance Bighorn his solution are you almost certainly which means the so-called “context menu”.

Fortunately do i’ve enjoy relating to this matter, so i most likely may be able to mean you can out.

Too increse the standard of the solution, and mean you can as easiest as conceivable, you want make an screenshot in your menu.

I will mean you can for each and every unmarried menu column which is senseless and now not essential for you day by day utilization.

Sadly am i able to simplest say the secret is “Regedit”, however each and every trail are other from each and every context menu column.

That is an generalized trail from the context menu Pc->HKEY_CLASSES_ROT->Folder->Shell

You want to additionally simply reset the context menu to its default, then would it not now not be so “large” anymore.

You’ll be able to reset the Information Context Menu with Command Recommended the usage of this Code:




Reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*shellexContextMenuHandlers

It is usually essential to understand that there’s various kinds of context menues.
In the event you excellent click on at the Desktop, there’s an different context menu, moderately than proper click on an report.