Reset Canon Pixma MG4200 Collection error Ink Absorber Virtually Complete


Fortify printer Canon Pixma

MG4200 collection: MG4200, MG4210, MG4220, MG4230, MG4240, MG4250, MG4260, MG4270, MG4280
Operator Identify Error (Alarm LED Lit In Orange)

Error [Error code]:

Warning: The ink absorber becomes just about whole.

−     Number one (Black)                       [1702] or [1703]

−     Number one (Color)                       [1704] or [1705]

−     Platen (area position)    [1712] or [1713]

−     Platen (away)                    [1714] or [1715]

Led display: E08

Message on the LCD: The ink absorber is just about whole. Select [OK] to continue printing. Contact the supplier center for change.

Supplier Identify Error (by the use of Cyclic Blinking of Alarm and Power LEDs)

Cycles of LED blinking: 7 cases

Error [Error code]:

Ink absorber just about whole

−     Number one (Black)                       [5B02] or [5B03]

−     Number one (Color)                       [1704] or [5B05]

−     Platen (area position)    [5B12] or [5B13]

−     Platen (away)                    [5B14] or [5B15]

Reset Canon Pixma MG4200 Assortment error Ink Absorber Just about Entire

Previous to resetting, the printer should be in Supplier Mode.

STEP 1 – Enter Supplier Mode

Supplier mode operation procedures:
1)   Turn off a printer
2)   Press and dangle the STOP button

3)   Press and dangle the ON button (DO NOT unlock every buttons)

4)   When the Power LED lights in blue while conserving the ON button, unlock the STOP button
5)   While conserving the ON button, press the STOP button 5 cases (*1), and then unlock the ON button.

(*1)   To disable the scanner error detection and get began the instrument inside the supplier mode, press the STOP button 6 cases. This way, the supplier mode is available without the scanner.


−     Each time the STOP button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs delicate alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in blue. When the Power LED lights in blue, the instrument is ready for the supplier mode operation.

−     If the Power LED lights NOT in blue, the printer fails to enter Supplier Mode. Please, turn off the printer and then repeat Supplier mode operation procedures.

STEP 2 – Reset Printer

6)   To reset error Ink absorber just about whole used Canon Supplier Software v.3400 (free, no virus, 
give a boost to OS House home windows, Linux, Macintosh)

Canon Supplier Software v.3400
  • Download Supplier Software v.3400

  • Extract document and open Supplier Software. If Supplier Software can’t be open, unplug the USB cable and then open the Supplier Software. After the open Supplier Software, re-connect USB cable.

  • Load paper A4 or Letter

  • For your reference in servicing, click on on EEPROM information print previous than resetting (1)

  • Clear Ink Counter, make a selection ALL (2) and then click on on SET (3). After the ink absorber counter is reset, the counter price is printed robotically. Clear Ink Counter – make a selection ALL means: Resets ALL the four ink absorber counters (Main_Black, Main_Color, Platen_Away, Platen_Home).

  • Select the holiday spot, Space: ASA, AUS, BRA, CHN, CND, EMB, EUR, JPN, KOR, LTN, TWN, USA (4) and then Click on on SET (5)

  • Click on on EEPROM information print once all over again after resetting (1).

  • Review EEPROM information previous than and after reset.

  • If all goes well, close Supplier Software

  • Turn off the printer (sit up for 10 seconds)

  • Turn on printer and printer ready to use

Download Canon Supplier Software v.3400

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