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Review: Victrola Re-Spin (Podcast)

Although we live in a digital era that seems to heavily appreciate streaming and on-demand music, vinyl records have been gaining traction over the last few years. And as such, so have the products to help play our beloved records.

Here, Scott and Luke talk about the Victrola Re-Spin, a sustainable record player that calls to mind your father’s (or grandfather’s) device.

What is the Victrola Re-Spin?

The Victrola Re-Spin is a suitcase-style record player that blends together a throwback design from the 1950’s and 1960’s with modern technology. Offered in four desaturated and distinct colors, the record player is partially manufactured from recycled materials and works with all three vinyl speeds.

Noteworthy Features

  • Custom-tuned speaker enclosure delivers increased volume and powerful bass without losing clarity
  • Built-in bass radiator delivers increased bass response
  • Vinyl Stream technology allows you to stream your records to any external Bluetooth speaker
  • Vinyl Safe technology incorporates anti-vibration bushings to prevent skipping and scratching
  • Bluetooth input
  • Headphone output


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Thoughts and Conclusion

With a look that calls to mind to a “simpler” time, the Victrola Re-Spin is anything but simple. It begins with pairing Victrola quality with features available on newer technology.

The Re-Spin provides quality audio and peace of mind through its Vinyl Safe anti-vibration technology. That sound can be played through multiple options. With built-in Bluetooth and you can stream your vinyl to a connected speaker of your choosing or reverse the situation and stream your device to the onboard and custom-tuned speaker enclosure.

In short, I really like the Victrola Re-Spin. It’s a quality record player, and even though it might look like it was your grandfather’s, it has all the smarts to keep up with what today’s modern needs. It’s also priced to sell and makes for the perfect entry point in a home values design as much as capability. And perhaps best of all, it’s made from 25% recycled plastic.

Where to Buy the Victrola Re-Spin

You can learn more about the Victrola Re-Spin at the manufacturer’s website where it’s available to purchase for as low as $100. Look for it in four distinct colors.